At VEO, we see patients of all ages and pride ourselves on being family oriented. We believe a thorough eye examination to fully evaluate your vision and the health of your eyes is paramount. Equally as important is patient education on what we found. All of your findings will be gone over in detail- you'll know exactly what conditions you have (if any) as well as a thought-out plan of action. Ever left an appointment with more questions than answers? Not anymore. And to assist, Visual Eyes Optometric uses the very lastest in technology and equipment to monitor, diagnose, and develop appropriate preventative/treatment plans for the following conditions (not exhaustive):

  • Dry eye syndrome

  • Macular degeneration

  • Glaucoma

  • Diabetic retinopathy

  • Hypertensive eye disease

  • Neuro-ophthalmic disease

  • Much more

In some of these diseases, you will receive a personalized treatment form at the conclusion of your exam. Systemic diseases are comanaged with your primary care doctor or specialist, with same-day reports sent out to your provider to ensure that you are receiving the best and most appropriate care. 


Whether you're new to wearing contacts or a long-time user, we have just what you need for both daily and monthly wear. We offer a wide variety of breathable and comfortable contact lenses to fit your eye parameters and lifestyle. And we don't believe that you can only wear contact lenses until a certain age. In our practice, we have contact lens wearers from age 6-93. Come see us today for:

  • Soft Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

  • Toric/Astigmatism Contact Lenses

  • Color Contact Lenses

  • Multifocal Contact Lenses


Dr. Patrick Vollmer specializes and holds a particular interest in preventative services and treatment of ocular disease. He is skilled in the customized treatment of dry eye syndrome, management of glaucoma, and the prevention of macular degeneration. We encourage our patients to visit Visual Eyes Optometric to learn about preventative strategies to promote healthy eyes for a lifetime. 

Emergencies are hardly convenient. In fact, the timing typically could not be any worse. At Visual Eyes Optometric we offer a wide variety of services, including the treatment of urgent and developing conditions. Dr. Vollmer enjoys diagnosing and/or treating:

  • Acute red eye(s)- infections, conjunctivitis, "pink eye"

  • Contact lens overwear

  • Removal of foreign bodies from the eye- metal, environmental debris

  • Eye trauma/injuries

  • Flashes/Floaters

As always, conditions are best treated upon initial presentation. If you are experiencing any eye pain, vision changes, or discomfort, we will happily see you the same day to get you back on track. Experiencing an eye emergency after hours? Don't prolong your misery. Just call (704) 487-4099, then dial 1. We're happy to help.